As made clear in today’s headlines, there are obvious dangers and gaps facing Greater Toronto artists seeking safe and respectful workplaces in the arts.

Non-unionized, under-protected professional choral singers are a particular class of artists who too often find themselves in unsafe environments. We hear of the symptoms far too often, including: Lack of contracts and clearly defined job expectations; Flagrant violations of Ontario Ministry of Labour laws and guidelines; Bullying and harassment that is neither prevented or addressed.

The GTAC has formed in order to advocate for artists and insist on change. We will push for a standardized code of conduct for organizations, as well as clear and safe reporting systems, while conducting dialogue with artists and organizations to help improve work conditions and answer questions around freelance, precarious work.

We applaud the Canada Council, Ontario Council for the Arts, Toronto Arts Council and other organizations for their initiatives to help make change. We also insist on a place at the table for those who may not be represented by a union, guild or working group that can advocate effectively for them - all must be included in working dialogues and the larger drive to protect artists.

We invite you to help make an impact with us online and on the ground. Please consider making a donation to GTAC, and follow us on our social channels.